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"Diambar" is an West African word "Senegal" that means "Warrior", "Fighter". Thus the objective of this blog is to give anyone who's fighting to stay or become healthy and fit the tools needed to attain that objective; provided by Herbalife International.
The battle to be healthy can be a gruesome road; however, with the right guidance, proper nutrition, it can be very satisfactory and fruitful.
The specifics of this blog are to show you the best ways, programs, to lose weight efficiently while using the Herbalife products.
We will also give you workout routines, as well as healthy recipes to help you get to you #Level10 results.
If you have any questions or want to be part of the Herbalife family, please email us at diambar.nutrition@gmail.com
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As a Health coach, you are expected to be a source of motivation for your clients; pushing them to do more & be more!! Sometimes, the reverse happens!! My boy @jchavj51 aka Primo has been a source of inspiration & motivation ever since he started his program to be the best version of himself!!
His level of dedication to himself is amazing!!! He always asks how he can improve here & there, what more can he do, what products can help him be better, ect….
I am extremely grateful to watch your journey, as you get better & stronger every single day!!
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